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3 Benefits of Outsourcing Your Payroll Services

Payroll takes up time, energy, and focus from business owners, often decreasing their ability to work on expanding their business.  Outsourcing payroll services is an essential way to free up a great deal of time, ensure government policies are followed, and may also help provide an easier transaction for employees and employers alike. The expertise… Read More »

4 Tips for More Informative Accident Reporting in the Workplace

It is required by law that all accidents occurring in the workplace be reported to employers or HR. Reporting accidents can help reduce the financial burden for companies while also protecting the rights of employees. The use of accident reports for work-related incidents is useful for preventing legal action, and employees can feel confident that… Read More »

The Interview is Done – Now What?

You’ve just had the interview for the job you really wanted. Everything seemed to have gone well, and you’re feeling good about the prospect of working in your desired position. What you should know, however, is that it doesn’t end there. In fact, there is a great deal you can do—in a soft and quiet… Read More »

How to Go from “Temp” to Hired!

A temporary employee may want to find a stable and fulfilling career, but they can’t help but ask themselves numerous questions about their current position. “How long will I stay here?” and “What if they don’t take me on as a permanent employee?” While it can be stressful not knowing what will happen when your… Read More »

3 Benefits to Working with a Staffing Firm

Whenever a candidate is searching for a job and can’t quite seem to find the right fit, staffing firms are there to help make the much-needed connection. Staffing firms have helped countless people find fulfilling careers, whether they are short-term manual labor positions, or office professionals looking for a stable position. Here are three benefits… Read More »

5 Questions You Should Ask in Every Interview

The hiring process for potential employees can be incredibly stressful for hiring managers. Choosing the right candidate places a great deal of responsibility on their shoulders and also takes a significant amount of time and resources from the company. Hiring managers are often drowning in a pile of resumes, and choosing the right candidates for… Read More »

Temp Workers and the ACA: How Will You Be Liable?

Temporary workers comprise of more than 3 million people annually, and that number is continuing to rise. The Affordable Care Act, or the ACA, affects all workers—including temporary workers—to some extent. Generally speaking, the ACA requires companies with 100 or more full-time equivalent employees to have health insurance available for the offering starting in 2015.… Read More »

Safety Workshop Tips (That Your Employees Won’t Hate)

Keeping employees safe in the workplace requires a great deal of effort on behalf of employers and employees alike. The first step toward promoting safety in the workplace is providing education, a crucial element that will help expand employee knowledge of proper safety procedures and handling of equipment. Companies may need to bring in third-party… Read More »

4 Things Every Admin Resume Should Have

Securing a position in the administrative industry isn’t always easy, even for those with a wide range of experience and knowledge of the field. Simply tailoring a resume and including specific talking points may be helpful for increasing one’s chances of landing an admin job; however, a resume needs careful crafting and attention before sending… Read More »

Look Ahead for 2018

With the New Year everyone is setting new resolutions for their career and job. These resolutions are not always met with the same enthusiasm that was put into dreaming them up. Set a goal this year instead. Goals are more achievable because they rely on implemented strategies that can be achieved in small increments. New… Read More »