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Make A LinkedIn Profile That Stands Out

As a potential candidate for a competitive job, you can be 100 percent sure that whoever is considering hiring you will also be scoping out your social media presence. That includes Googling you, checking your Facebook and Twitter activity, and above all, looking you up on LinkedIn. LinkedIn has become the go to outlet for… Read More »

How to Be a Better Team Member

Every employer you will ever work wants to hire employees who make strong teams. Not just strong individuals, but strong team players. A great team has a synergistic effect on projects, deliverables, morale, and the overall work environment. This means the impact of the group is greater than the sum of its individual members. What… Read More »

February Job Fairs

Sentech ServicesĀ is invested in finding you the best and safest jobs in Michigan and Indiana. In the spirit of meeting that goal we regularly send recruiters to job fairs or host them ourselves. Bellow is a list of job fairs we will be attending or hosting this February. Follow the links to learn more or… Read More »