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Get Your Cover Letter Noticed with These 4 Tips

Consider your cover letter to be your personal introduction to a company looking to connect with talented professionals. It is like a handshake and a first impression, all rolled in to one simple letter. With that in mind, do everything you can to make sure that your material is crisp, professional, free of errors, and… Read More »

Did You Know Hiring Managers Want to Like Job Candidates?

If you are nervous about an upcoming interview, there are a number of things you can do to prepare, such as researching the opportunity and company thoroughly, practicing your talking points, and dressing professionally. But if you consider that most hiring managers go into the situation with the best of intentions, that might help to… Read More »

Attract Millennials to Your Organization for an Infusion of Youth

The millennial generation is quite a powerhouse when it comes to their work abilities and skill sets. This demographic can bring a unique influx of youthful, educated, and highly motivated employees into your staff. As luck would have it, they are also flooding the job market. As of 2014, candidates born in the 80s and… Read More »

Proactive Manufacturing Companies Will Reap the Benefits of the Internet of Things

The Internet of Things has certainly taken manufacturing by storm in recent years. The market as a whole is in the process of a technological revolution and it will be the most forward-thinking and proactive companies that will stand to benefit from the change. The Impact of the Internet of Things on Manufacturing Web connected… Read More »