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Suggestions for Your Time During the Job Search

Too many people find themselves without work and it’s easy to lose sight of things while unemployed and looking for a job. What sort of things can you do while looking for work to keep you busy, your time occupied, and the quality of your life better. Looking for a job is a stressful and… Read More »

Passion in the Workplace/Success in the Workplace

Knowing what you want to do can go a long way to helping you you feel and reach your potential. There’s a good chance that knowing what you want means you’re passionate about something. Sentech Services and our recruiters want to hear from you what your passion in the work place is to help you… Read More »

Quick First Job Tips

Unsolicited advice pours on when you get your first job. It’s mostly stuff you’ve heard before from someone else, or it seems obvious, or it’s not helpful at all – coming in the form of jabs at your work or how you’ll screw up. Sometimes it’s helpful. Sometimes it’s funny. Sometimes your ignore it completely.… Read More »

Find Sentech Services Jobs Around the Internet

There are quite a few tools you can use online to find work with or through Sentech Services. Let’s take a look at some of the resources you could be using to find work in the new year. The Obvious: Everywhere Else Online A commonly used job search and professional networking social media… Read More »

Tips for a Manufacturing Resume

Easier Job Search Job Portal

Basics Management, production, temporary or full time, there’s a variety of decisions to make when looking for a manufacturing job that suits your needs and qualifications. First step to make a decision; a proper resume. In addition to the usual, there a few things you’ll want to make sure you’ve got right to land the… Read More »

5 Things Not to Forget When Looking for a Job

1. You Can Do the Job When interviewing or looking for work, it is important to know that you can do the job you want. It’s easy to lose sight of your ability, successes, and what make you hirable if you’ve been having a hard time finding work. Keep in mind that just beacuse the… Read More »

Holiday Job Search

The time between Thanksgiving and Christmas in the United States can be a confusing and often confounding time for job seekers. Are recruiters hard at work? Are there any new jobs? Is it too close to year end for new hires? Here’s the thing; don’t put off our job search until January just because of… Read More »

A Few Things to Know About LinkedIn

LinkedIn and Your Job Search Is LinkedIn right for someone who is looking for work in a skilled trade? By now, most people know that LinkedIn is a wonderful resource for professionals seeking networking and career opportunities, but is it right for folks seeking work outside the office building. If you’re tech-savvy job seeker you… Read More »

You’ve Got the Job, Now What? Making a Good Impression

After the job search and interview themselves little is as stressful as the first few days at a new job. It’s important to meet the right people and foster a positive impression of yourself with your co-workers while getting settled into a new environment. All of the new things and experiences can be overwhelming. What… Read More »