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Find Work this Spring

Spring is here and with it plenty of opportunity to find work. New weather, new jobs. They seem to go hand in hand. There are no shortages of jobs from Sentech Services in the Metro Detroit and Fort Wayne areas. We make it easy for you to find jobs near you through our user friendly… Read More »

Impress the Hiring HR Teams with These Phrases

You resume, the way present yourself at an interview, your follow up… These are all crucial elements in the final stages of landing a job. The final gate: HR. Whether it’s over the phone, in person with a hiring manager or the team, at some point your interview will include the people eventually responsible for… Read More »

How to Communicate with Your Boss about Workload

No one wants to come across as lazy, uncommitted, or like they aren’t a team player, but when you feel overwhelmed, you really should let your manager or boss know. This should serve as a simple guideline to opening the door when you’re trying to approach an employer about an issue. Have a candid conversation.… Read More »

Contact a Branch to Apply Today

One of the most common questions we get asked is how to apply for a job. We make it easy to find work online through our website, but you can also contact one of our branches directly. Make the call today! MICHIGAN Bloomfield Hills 36400 Woodward, Suite 250 Bloomfield Hills, MI 48304 Phone: (248) 645-1800… Read More »

Safety Workshop Tips: Revisited

Originally published in the early days of the Sentech Services Blog, this article has been updated to include a few more pointers! Keeping employees safe in the workplace requires a great deal of effort on behalf of employers and employees alike. The first step toward promoting safety in the workplace is providing education, a crucial… Read More »

Job Search Habits

Habits are a little of both worlds, often helpful – sometimes damaging. Some are great to keep and others can be your own worst enemy, preventing you from achieving your career goals or even getting an interview. Keep habits that are productive, toss the rest. Your job search is built using time honored techniques combined… Read More »

Reasons You Might Not Be Getting an Interview

Everyone who has ever applied for a job has dealt with the stress of waiting to hear something, anything, after they’ve submitted. Today, with electronic applications, it’s even more stressful – it may be that you’ll submit dozens of applications without so much as an email response. This can be frustrating and disheartening. These might… Read More »

Advantages to Using a Staffing Agency

Staffing agencies or recruitment agencies have long been around to help companies and employers find qualified talent. Here’s a look at why they last and why you should consider using one yourself. Comfort working with other brands. Companies of all sizes invest time and money into developing their employer. But what if you don’t have… Read More »

Being Active on LinkedIn

Join Our Recruiters On Linkedin By now everyone – or mostly everyone – would admit LinkedIn is the top social platform for finding a job using non-traditional means on the internet. It’s probably the best way to connect with recruiters and brands in a meaningful way while you look for work short of meeting someone.… Read More »

Owning the Interview

What to do if… your interviewer isn’t asking the right questions or may not be fully prepared for the interview. Hopefully it doesn’t happen to you often but recruiters/interviewers are sometime not trained or prepared for your interview. If you find that’s the case while you’re sitting in an interview use these tips to help… Read More »