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Getting the right people in place is essential. It can make the difference between reaching production goals on time and on budget, or disappointing (and losing) customers when you can’t keep up. Working with Sentech gives you access to talented, prescreened, ready-to-work skilled tradesmen and light industrial workers. Our professional industrial recruiters in Detroit and the surrounding region know exactly what it takes to get the job done right the first time. Need a more customized solution to suit your business needs? As a local, hands-on industrial recruitment firm serving Detroit, MI, Fort Wayne, IN and beyond, we can work with you to develop a custom solution that allows you to staff more efficiently and cost-effectively.

Give Sentech the burden of recruiting, screening and vetting candidates while you focus on core tasks. You’ll save time, money and headaches. Get in touch with our local job recruiters today.

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Request short- or long-term employees to fill in for vacations, medical leaves or to help during busy times. Quickly access pre-screened workers for seasonal rushes or special projects. Minimize overtime and avoid costly turnover – and losing good employees to burnout. Your cost is reduced because we handle health insurance, unemployment and all administrative details.


Try out an employee before extending an offer to reduce your hiring risk. If you are not satisfied with the work performance of one of our employees or if your workload changes, you’re under no obligation to extend an offer.

Direct Placement

Sentech recruits, screens and presents only the best candidates to you. Shorten time to hire and associated costs. We do the recruiting, screening and interviewing. You owe nothing unless you hire a candidate Sentech provides.

Payrolling Service

Place the employees you choose on Sentech’s payroll. We handle recruiting, screening, hiring, firing, benefits, workers’ compensation and unemployment claims. You focus on your business.

Vendor on Premise (VOP)

When you require a large temporary workforce, Sentech can provide it – and manage it at your location.

Our on-site representative will:

  • Recruit, interview and prescreen our employees for your facility
  • Manage attendance, timekeeping and payroll
  • Conduct orientation and safety training
  • Audit and reconcile billing issues
  • Provide reports and conduct employee reviews

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