What to Expect in the Future from Mobile Recruiting

Mobile recruiting is quickly becoming one of the fastest-growing recruiting strategies for businesses today. Why? Because mobile use and social networking are the perfect complement to each other. Smartphones are becoming the number one platform from which people access social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Therefore, that mobile technology is well on its way to becoming a valuable asset in any recruiters hiring strategy. If you want to keep up with the mobile technology revolution, here is what you can expect from mobile recruiting in the exciting times to come.

Improvements in Mobile Optimization

It has become clear that companies that are aware of how mobile phone use affects the readability of their online content are better prepared for this shift in technology use. This includes their recruiting efforts. For example, one of Google’s recent updates gives emphasis and priority within their search function to websites which are optimized for mobile viewing as well as the standard desktop format. If your website is not yet optimized for mobile use, whether through the availability of an app or the availability of a mobile-friendly website, you are likely losing out on crucial hiring opportunities. It’s a competitive market out there; make sure your website and recruiting strategies are optimized for mobile consumption.

Front and Back End Improvements in Mobile Recruiting Platforms

While it used to be, and arguably still is, that mobile recruiting was very much focused on the candidate or job seeker’s convenience, the future of mobile recruiting will likely see significant improvements in the hiring platform as well. It is not just candidates who depend on their phones for a great deal of their interactions that are likely to be impacted by these improvements. Recruiters and hiring managers will see the mobile recruiting platforms provide a simpler way to review candidates, sort through applications and resumes more efficiently, and communicate directly with their top picks, all from their smartphones or tablets.

The Industry Rise of Mobile Recruiting

Just as it took a little while for smartphones and tablets to become common within the business world, so too it will take a little time for mobile recruiting to become the standard. But from what we have seen of the convenience and opportunities provided by mobile recruiting applications and programs, once established this will be an industry-wide revolution. As more and more tech-savvy young recruits join the workforce, their familiarity with and everyday use of mobile technology will make their recruitment channels very mobile focused. If you are looking to hire millennials and future generations of talented employees as well as sustain long-term growth and succession plans, you will inevitably need to embrace mobile technology and maybe even capitalize on the trend early. Companies who show they are able to grow and change with the times are better able to maintain their success in the long term.

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