Show Your Passion and Character to Get The Job

Today’s job market is undeniably competitive. Highly qualified people can find themselves coming up short when applying for top jobs in their market. It’s easy to get lost in the crowd. So how do you set yourself apart from a sea of equally qualified resumes? It’s simple really, share your passion and exemplify your character to win the job.

Passion for the Job

Passion for one’s job is one of the most dynamic qualities employers seek out in their recruiting efforts. Passion means motivation. No one wants to hire someone who will be apathetic about their work. Show your passion for your job, and the job you are applying for, in your cover letter and your interview. These are two opportunities in the job hunting process where you can personalize your application and really show your prospective employer what matters to you and why.

You can emphasize your interest in a certain position by going above and beyond the standard application requirements. Reach out to the company or employer personally, rather than hiding behind a resume. Ask pertinent questions about the position or others like it. Do extensive research, follow a company’s blog or social media communications to figure out what they are really about. Respectfully share ideas for how they could improve on their existing work. You will not only appear passionate, but invested in a project’s long-term successes – even if you are not hired. Show them exactly what the job means to you, beyond a simple paycheck. Employees who are able to find the passion in what they do are more likely to stick around, grow within a company, provide high-quality work, and improve upon the status quo. It’s passion that will win over an interviewer, every time.

Share Outside Interests

Also consider sharing your passions for non-work activities and causes. External interests personalize you as an applicant, giving a heartbeat to an otherwise dry resume or CV. Passion for family, hobbies, volunteering, and other interests showcase your ability to effectively manage the delicate work-life balance, which in turn emphasizes your ability to use your time effectively. Employers are constantly on the look-out for people who will be a good fit for their team, both in terms of skills and experience as well as personality, communication style, and creative thinking or unique perspectives.

Revealing Character

Character can mean a lot of different things, but showing your prospective manager that you have a strong character will give you a definite edge in an otherwise impersonal candidate pool. Employers are looking for team members who are honest, open, loyal, good communicators, and self-motivated individuals. When you read a job description and come across seemingly vague words or phrases like “team player” or “self-starter,” you shouldn’t take them for granted. These kinds of traits are actually very important. Don’t just say you are a team player, tell a story about how you were able to motivate your team for a come-from-behind win. It’s not enough to claim to have strong character traits, you need to show it.

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