The Perks of Working with a Staffing Agency this Winter

As winter appraoches, jobs searches all over the Great Lakes region will slow down due to the weather and the busy schedules of the holiday seasons. 


Another year winding down, another season of difficult weather, and the rush of the holidays leading us to the New Year. Whether your looking for work and unemployed, or you’ve been steadily looking for new work, staffing agencies like Sentech Services make your winter job search that much easier.


For more than twenty-five years our teams of talent recruiters have worked tirelessly to fill jobs across Southeast Michigan and Northern Indiana, and at no time harder than now. Manufacturing and industry jobs have traditionally been difficult to find for a variety of reasons, least of all seasonal employment. That’s changed recently in part to how we look for jobs. 

In the past, you had to know someone, had to know there was job available, or at least have the time to go from business to business inquiring after work. In the last decade more and more employers have grown accustomed to using the internet to post their jobs. Recruiters have like ours have pioneered the way in this regard as early adopters, knowing full well the potential of reaching out with the power of the internet. The difficulty still remains; finding the right candidate for each job despite being to easily find applicants, you.

More than ever, you are empowered to connect with the kind of work you want. If you’re looking for a job, or whether you know someone who is, the best way to find a job quickly is to have a team of recruiters keyed into the job market near you. That’s what Sentech Services, our recruiters, and, more importantly, the companies that use recruiting services offer. 

The best way to take advantage of your new ability to conduct a mobile job search, is to sign up for our “Talent Network.” By signing up you’ll be informed of job opportunities that you qualify for and have access to our wide range of recruiting services. Sign up today and get work winter job search in gear. 


Don’t let the slow and groggy winter months keep you from executing the best job search you can. Take advantage of our recruiting services today! 



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