Balancing Work And Life To Get Better At Everything

You’ve heard a lot of talk about the importance of achieving a good work-life balance, but what does that really mean in today’s highly competitive workforce? Turns out it’s about more than simply being happy in your job. A good work-life balance can actually make you better at your job, happier in your home life, and all-around healthier too. Here are a few tips to set you on the path to a more balanced, well-rounded mindset.

There’s More to Life Than a Paycheck

Of course, the higher the salary, the more attractive the job – right? Well maybe not. When considering whether a certain position is right for your work-life balance, you should think about the impact of the workplace environment, unique job demands, working conditions, hours, location, non-financial benefits (like health coverage and vacation time). All these variables impact how well you will do in a position, and how happy you will be in the long run. Factors like always being on call, stressful workplace environment, unsupportive management, and an anti-vacation mentality can really come to wear on your satisfaction with a job. The key is knowing what your priorities are, and sticking to them despite an attractive compensation package.

Nobody’s Perfect

Perfect performance in life and in the workplace might seem like a positive goal, but in fact perfectionism is a heavier burden than you might think. As responsibilities at work and at home grow with age and experience, demanding absolute perfectionism from yourself is taking the fast track to burnout. Letting go of unrealistic demands will go a long way to creating a more balanced, and more forgiving, lifestyle. The trick is to strive for excellence, rather than perfection. With less stress and pressure to weigh you down, many employees actually do better on the job. Excellence is achievable. Perfection is not.


Whoever first said not to take work home with you (or vice versa) was smart, but certainly didn’t understand the demands of the present day work culture.  While computers and the internet have made communication and connectivity so much easier, they have also made it almost impossible to keep work at work, and home at home. To help control the two parts of your life, compartmentalize. Unplug if it’s necessary to do so. Don’t let yourself fall into the trap of emailing co-workers from the dinner table, or taking the negativity of an argument with you to work such that it impacts your interactions with co-workers. Being able to mentally compartmentalize the various aspects of your work-life balance will help you become more resilient and less prone to stress.

Get Up and Exercise

Make time for your health. Exercise is the single most helpful activity you can do to reduce stress. Those endorphins will lift your mood, making you feel more satisfied with life in general, while keeping you healthy enough to fight the good fight tomorrow and the day after that.

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