Management Tips for Your Technician Team

As a manager, you know your technicians are one of your most valuable resources. But managing them might seem like an entirely different sport than you might be used to. Here are a number of valuable management techniques for building strong relationships with your technical team.

Crystal Clear Communication

This tip is valid for all teams, but your technical staff will benefit extraordinarily from upfront, frequent and clear communication from their managers. You can do this by making certain you give clear guidance, define consequences, listen to their questions or concerns, and provide opportunities for clarification if needed. Regular check in meetings are helpful.

Make Room for Input

Allowing your technical team to weigh in when it comes to procedural issues, timelines, or other areas where they are likely to have a uniquely valuable perspective, helps to establish trust and will do wonders for moral. Enable your team to be creative and to take ownership of their projects. This will lead to less turnover, more successful projects, and a more pleasant team environment.

Help Them Learn from Mistakes

Mistakes are a natural learning opportunity. Everyone makes them from time to time. Encourage staff to take responsibility gracefully, learn from the mistake, and help others avoid similar problems in the future. Let them teach their team members based on their lessons learned. Allow mistakes to become an opportunity for growth rather than shame.

Reward Rather than Punish

It should be no surprise that a carrot is better motivation than the threat of a stick. Setting aggressive yet achievable goals and offering tantalizing rewards for success is a motivator across the board. Unnecessary punishment for failures will not only result in low morale, but will likely mean you will need to hire their replacement sooner rather than later. In today’s increasingly competitive job market, the best technicians (those you want to be working for you) are in high demand. When word gets out that your company offers high reward for successes, those technicians will be more likely to stick around rather than moving on to the next job opportunity that comes their way.

Embody Respect

Your technical staff will appreciate the respect and opportunities they receive from management. Avoid treating your team like anything else than the professionals they are. That means not turning assignments into a simplified (and uninspiring) chore list, avoid reprimanding them in front of others, give real thought to suggestions and ideas they provide, and never say you are too busy to talk. Show them that you know how their work impacts the product and the team as a whole. Empowering your technical staff and making them feel respected will result in higher quality deliverables and an all-around better work environment.

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