What to do if you’re having trouble finding candidates.

It has always been the case that good help is hard to find. As an employer, you know the success of your projects depends on the commitment of your workers and the quality of their skills. Finding and retaining a high-quality workforce can be an ongoing struggle. But succeeding where your competitors fail will result in far greater return on investment. In this case, you are investing in your staff.

Whether your recruiting frustrations stem from a lack of qualified applicants or the quality of the workforce, there are a number of things you as an employer can do to help find and keep the best and most qualified staff in the industry.

Familiarize Yourself with Your Target Demographic

Know who you are recruiting, or at the very least who you are trying to recruit. Not as individuals necessarily, but rather as a kind of demographic. What are the critical skills a high-quality candidate must have? What training or experience would make an applicant especially fit for the job? Knowing the key demographics of your ideal workforce will help you pin down a better recruiting strategy than you might currently be using. Focus on marketing to that specific demographic, or skill set, and you will naturally attract better candidates.

Take a Targeted Approach

Taking a targeted approach to recruitment means not only recruiting unemployed candidates, but also attracting top candidates who may already be working. Strive to focus on the marketing of your open positions. If you are aiming to hire young hourly employees, social media or online marketing avenues may reach a more relevant audience than taking an ad in the local newspaper. Perhaps word of mouth is a more reliable way to find qualified employees. Whatever avenue you decide to use to market a job opening, make sure it is a strategic one that will get the attention of the job candidates you are looking to hire.

Recruit on an Ongoing Basis

If you recruit only when you have openings, it will naturally reduce the amount of high-quality candidates you come across significantly. Consider recruitment to be an ongoing process, one which does not necessarily stop because a position has been filled. To find the best candidates, you need to be open to finding them when they are available as much as when you need to fill a position.

Learn to Recognize Quality Candidates When You See Them

You may think you can spot quality when you see it, but you would be surprised at the amount of industry hires that looked oh so good on paper but in person just were not able to meet the demands of the job. When evaluating someone for the job, consider how many jobs the person has had in the past two years, and whether they received promotions or other increases in responsibility during the life of a past position. Are they able to quantify and describe measurable successes and positive impacts they have had in previous positions? If so, they are likely worth serious consideration.

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