How to rise to the role of leader without the title

What is the number-one quality that employers are looking for in their best candidates? Leadership. Even positions that are not managerial in nature benefit from employees who are committed to providing leadership skills in the workplace.

You may ask why you should be a leader if that isn’t your job. The truth is leadership isn’t a job, it’s a skill. Sharing that skill with your team, your coworkers, even your supervisors will establish you as a motivated and committed individual within the workplace. Those skills will not only help you land the job you want today, but they will help you land the job you want years down the line as well. Here are a few ways you can showcase your leadership skills every day.

Take Responsibility

It was Harry Truman who said, “The buck stops here.” Taking responsibility for your actions, for your mistakes, or even those of your team as a whole will put your leadership skills in the spotlight. It takes a very confident mind to own up to your own failures, and thus commit to taking the appropriate steps to ensure future successes. Remember that it’s OK to be wrong and better to learn from past mistakes than to avoid all blame entirely.

Show Commitment to Team Successes

While it’s true that a rising tide lifts all boats, a true leader is someone who cares as much about his team members’ boats as his own. Leadership is about leading others, not just getting ahead. Show your commitment to your team, and to your company, by striving for win-win solutions. Help cover for someone if you see they are struggling.

Think Outside the Box

Leaders are known for their problem-solving abilities, their creative thinking, and their commitment to finding solutions. Providing company leadership with thoughtful and valuable ideas about how day-to-day work can be made more effective, more productive, or safer will show you to be an innovative leader with great potential.

High-Level Communication

Great leaders are also great communicators. They are able to inspire and motivate others to be their best selves, in the workplace and in life. Good communication begins with good listening skills. Acknowledge the importance of what others have to say. Only then will you truly be able to share the value in your own words, and have those words be taken to heart.

Remain Open to Constructive Criticism

One of the most difficult things to learn when becoming a good leader is how to take criticism well. Try not to get defensive and acknowledge that there is always room for you to grow. Take advice and constructive criticism and consider how these free tips can actually improve your skills and outlook as a leader. Feedback is important. No one is as good at their job as they can ever possibly be. Challenge yourself to always be better than you were the day before.

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