How to Increase Productivity at Work

Everyone is interested in figuring out how to get more done in less time. Employers want productive staffers, and professionals want to get things done smartly and effectively. Productivity is the result of intelligent planning and focus. Any job can become unnecessarily stressful as work piles up and you start to feel overloaded. Smart productivity is the key. Here are a few ways you can increase your productivity in the workplace without sacrificing quality of the work or the work environment.

Do It Right the First Time

This tip might seem a little counter intuitive at first, but here’s why doing something slowly will increase your productivity. The trick is to slow down when working on a project that has a high potential for mistakes. Thinking ahead and sidestepping any known obstacles will help save time. Doing the job methodically and carefully may seem like it will take longer, but avoiding costly mistakes and the need to redo work will save you time, money, and result in higher quality work.

Stay Organized

To-do lists and schedules are obvious tools to help you stay organized, and they should be used religiously. Setting personal deadlines and sticking to them will also help you stay on top of things. But what should you do when that laundry list of tasks starts to weigh you down? You need to prioritize.

A simple system to help evaluate what tasks need to be completed first involves assigning each item on your to-do list a letter, either A, B, or C. A-level tasks are highest priority. They need to be completed first before any other work gets done. B-level tasks are less urgent, but are still important. Something that could theoretically get pushed to tomorrow is likely a B-level task. C-level tasks are logically those which are least urgent, and should only be approached after A and B-level tasks are complete.

Delegate When You Can

No one works in a vacuum. Coworkers and supervisors are a valuable resource for help when you become overloaded. Large tasks are often easy to break down into more manageable jobs that can be delegated within a team. This delegation does require trust on your part, and maybe a little practice at convincing others to help you. But remember that everyone on a team ideally shares a common goal. If you can delegate or ask for assistance on smaller tasks that will contribute to the success of the team as a whole, you will likely be able to receive the help you need and become more productive in the process.

Recognize and Avoid Distractions

Constantly checking email, answering phone calls and attending meetings may seem like urgent tasks, but often they are more of a distraction than they should be. Sometimes saying no to the occasional meeting, and turning off the ringer on the phone will help you focus on that to-do list and make sure you are able to accomplish the goals you have set for yourself.

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