Be Ready to Find Job Candidates in Mobile Recruiting

The internet has revolutionized recruiting. Gone are the days when a hand-delivered resume was the norm. Mobile technologies have further influenced professional networking and job hunting with the popularity of apps like Facebook and LinkedIn. Interestingly enough, a large portion of Facebook users only access the site via their mobile devices, and this trend is expected to continue for the foreseeable future.  Maybe it’s time you rethought your mobile-recruiting strategy?

The Pros and Cons of Mobile Recruiting

There are obvious benefits to incorporating a mobile-recruiting strategy into your overall talent search. To start with, the number of working professionals with access to mobile devices for work or personal use is pretty staggering. Professional networking and communication is taking place more and more on the screens of our smart phones rather than in person. The reach of mobile recruiting is tantalizing, and a “set it and forget it” strategy seemingly results in less work for recruiters who focus their efforts on developing online job applications, complete with keyword scans and social media connectivity.

But wait, that hands-off approach might not be the perfect recruiting strategy many hoped it would be. As it turns out, recruiting and the job hunt is an intrinsically personal experience. Many job hunters are turned off by the online application process. It’s brutally impersonal and provides candidates with little room to display their personality or exemplify their qualifications, two major deciding factors for a recruiter. While these applications are designed to weed through the hundreds of resumes and cover letters – searching out those applicants with specific experience and skill sets relevant to the job search – if as much as 70 percent of qualified applicants won’t bother to fill out the online form, you’re not going to find the talent you need in the long run.

Making Mobile Recruiting Work for You

The key is to take your online recruiting seriously. Don’t let time consuming or improperly designed application systems restrict your access to quality talent. Mobile recruiting has a lot of potential. Many online candidates are accessing application forms from their phones. Make it convenient and easy for them to send you their resume. Focus design on mobile-optimized application systems with responsive, consumer friendly UX. Also consider that Google has officially prioritized mobile-friendly sites in their search results. The process needs to be intuitive and straightforward. Don’t risk harming your brand with a bad mobile application experience. We all know that a few sharp words on Twitter or Facebook is more than enough to lose both clients and prospective hires. Show recruits you mean business with a well-designed, effective mobile application system.

The short of it is that, as a recruiter, you need to consider your mobile recruiting strategy to be a key element to your overall talent search. Stay ahead of the competition and make use of this still-new recruiting medium.

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