How to Be a Better Team Member

Every employer you will ever work wants to hire employees who make strong teams. Not just strong individuals, but strong team players. A great team has a synergistic effect on projects, deliverables, morale, and the overall work environment. This means the impact of the group is greater than the sum of its individual members.

What can you do to contribute to this synergistic effect of a great team? There are a number of things you as an employee can work on to build leadership skills, positively impact the work environment, and become a better team member that will attract and inspire employers. Here are a few examples of skills and habits of strong team players.

Above All Else, Communicate

Communication is by far the most important skill of a great team player. That means speaking and writing clearly and concisely so team members understand you. Communicating also includes actively listening so you can understand your coworkers. Discussing issues openly and making sure your teammates are on the same page will help to create a cohesive work environment.

A Rising Tide Floats All Boats

Putting the successes of the team before your own is a key quality of a real team player. Bitterness and backstabbing are the downfall of a strong team environment. Focus instead on the growth and successes of the group, and you will come out stronger together. The successes of a strong team are far greater than anything you are likely to achieve on your own.

Being a strong team member depends on knowing and understanding group goals, asking questions when necessary and respectfully voicing concerns when issues are raised. A strong team member supports his or her colleagues, involves others in decision making and respects and encourages others. It also requires trust on your part and the part of your coworkers, as well as taking initiative and owning mistakes when needed.

Recognize Individual Strengths within a Team Environment

A good team member believes in a win-win philosophy and actively works towards achieving group successes. Know and use your strengths, and know how your unique abilities add value to the team as a whole. Are you a specialist with unique knowledge that is needed to complete a project? Maybe you are an implementer, someone who gets things done, or a shaper, someone who challenges the team to grow and produce better work. Each one has his or her own place within a successful team.

Leading By Example

Even those employees who are not in management positions have the opportunity to inspire and motivate their coworkers. A sign of a good team member is one who is able to look beyond his or her own successes. A great team player can rally the troops when the team needs a push, and empower others to be their best. Taking initiative when you can, taking responsibility when you need to, and problem solving pre-emptively are all excellent ways to show strong leadership skills when working within a team setting.

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