What a Vendor On Premise (VOP) Can Do For Your Company

You’ve been successfully using staffing and recruiting services for years. How do you know when it’s time to take a more strategic approach to staffing and make the leap to Vendor on Premise services?

Are you using a large temporary workforce?

If you just need a temp here or there to fill in for vacations or sick days, VOP is probably not for you. But if you customarily deploy large numbers of temporaries to complete large projects, reduce overtime or increase profitability, consider consulting with a VOP provider.

Has managing your temporaries become…unmanageable?

If you are spending more time than you’d like on administrative tasks related to your temporary workforce, VOP could be the solution to getting some of your valuable time back. Vendor on Premise provides you with an onsite coordinator who will work at your location to handle every detail of sourcing, managing and tracking your temporaries.

Your onsite coordinator can:

  • Request and deploy temporary workers as needed.
  • Streamline your interviewing and screening process.
  • Onboard new temporaries, quickly getting them up to speed.
  • Conduct trainings on processes and safety.
  • Handle disciplinary issues, perform reviews and troubleshoot any problems that may arise.
  • Provide detailed customized reporting on cost, performance and attendance.
  • Evaluate and balance staffing levels depending on demand, resources and available shifts.
  • Manage payroll, taxes and benefits administration.

Do you need to increase efficiencies and profitability?

For companies that use a high volume of temporary employees on an ongoing basis, VOP can help you operate more efficiently and cost effectively.  You’ll increase productivity, reduce administrative headaches and get more done.

Want to learn more about the advantages of VOP?

When you require a large temporary workforce, Sentech can provide it – and manage it at your location. Contact us today to learn more about our VOP services, or any of our other staffing and recruiting options.

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