The Interview is Done – Now What?

You’ve just had the interview for the job you really wanted. Everything seemed to have gone well, and you’re feeling good about the prospect of working in your desired position. What you should know, however, is that it doesn’t end there. In fact, there is a great deal you can do—in a soft and quiet manner—that can further increase your chances of landing the job of your dreams. While you should not go overboard with post-interview thank you emails, you can still let the company know your appreciation and drive for the work.

What to Do After an Interview

Sending a thank you email, connecting via online mediums, and providing supportive documentation indicating job efficiency are all powerful follow up methods. Here are just a few things you should do after the interview:

Send Gratitude.

After every single interview, it is imperative to send a quick and to-the-point email thanking the hiring manager. This shows that the candidate has a good sense of communication and a pure desire for the position. Always send these notes within 24 hours of having the interview.

Provide Further Documentation that Supports Job Experience.

While an interview will probably consist of providing a resume and portfolio, sometimes there is more material that can be given to further show the variety of the candidate’s work. If asked, provide more work samples or products in a follow-up email that demonstrates work experience and efficacy.

Follow up on an Unanswered Interview Question.

There are some interview questions that catch candidates off guard, and many draw a blank during the interview process. This isn’t the end of the world, especially if one considers this question can be quickly and eloquently answered in a follow-up thank you email. Make it to the point, clear, and concise, and only follow up on one of the unanswered interview questions.

Listen Carefully and Follow Instructions.

If the hiring managers give any instructions for what to do after the interview, listen and follow them. If they tell a candidate they don’t need any more information from them, then the candidate should follow these to a T, with an email of gratitude being the exception. Hiring managers need to know they are working with an individual that knows how to follow direction to get the job done.

Remain Unattached.

When it comes to the possibility of landing one job, be sure not to put all eggs in one basket. In other words, candidates should do what they can after the interview—following up, mostly—and let it go. Prep for other interviews and apply for other positions elsewhere. Relying on one job can narrow the possibilities for the candidate.

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