How to Go from “Temp” to Hired!

A temporary employee may want to find a stable and fulfilling career, but they can’t help but ask themselves numerous questions about their current position. “How long will I stay here?” and “What if they don’t take me on as a permanent employee?” While it can be stressful not knowing what will happen when your temp contract has been completed, there are always ways to increase chances of getting a full-time position. Here are some of the best tips to go from “temp” to hired!

Treat a temp job like it’s a full-time, permanent position.

When working for a company as a temporary employee, it is imperative that you treat the job in such a way that it reflects a desire for full-time work. Sometimes, temporary employees may slide by and not fully devote the time and energy into their work as other full-time employees. You need to stand out from the pack and deliver the very best each day to increasing productivity and quality within the workplace. By performing this way, you will substantially raise your chances of being taken on as a full-time employee.

Build relationships around the workplace.

Whenever an employee steps into their position at the beginning, building strong, professional relationships should be one of the main goals. Get to know other employees, find some time to help others if needed, and make it a goal to get along with everyone in the office. Employers certainly want someone that has technical ability; however, being able to get along with fellow workers greatly influences the chances of staying. Some employers would rather take on an individual full time who they see contributes to the productivity and smooth operations of the workplace.

Take initiative.

Taking initiative is one of the best qualities anyone can have in the workplace. Not only does it show the boss that you have the ability to take the lead, but it also shows that you have the attitude of a go-getter, something most companies desire for their employees. You should display that you are more than just a temporary employee. In fact, you are a dependable individual who truly wishes to work at the company by taking initiative whenever applicable.

Working at a place as a temporary employee can definitely be nerve-wracking at times, especially if you truly want to stay. One thing is for sure: eliminate the odds of being cut from the team by treating the job as a full-time position. This level of initiative and commitment will impress any boss by showing all the signs of a valuable employee.

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