5 Questions You Should Ask in Every Interview

The hiring process for potential employees can be incredibly stressful for hiring managers. Choosing the right candidate places a great deal of responsibility on their shoulders and also takes a significant amount of time and resources from the company. Hiring managers are often drowning in a pile of resumes, and choosing the right candidates for an interview requires concentration and a keen eye for talent. Fortunately, the secret to hiring the right employee is asking the right questions. Here are five questions that hiring managers should ask in every interview.

What brings you here today?

This common open-ended question is bound to get some results. Aside from the initial job search for the candidate, there are always more reasons behind the search that can help paint a larger picture for hiring managers. The candidate will almost always reveal what’s going on with their current/previous job, the reason why they’re searching for a job, and what they hope to bring to the table in the new position. Depending on how they talk about their situation, this question may reveal a bit more background on the candidate and their initial outlook on their current situation.

What do you do to relieve stress?

Asking this question will gain some insight on some of the candidates’ hobbies and activities. Looking for positive extracurricular activities is always a plus when choosing the right person for a job. If the candidate begins talking about negative activities they do to relieve stress, such as drinking and excessive partying, then it might be time to look at the next resume in the pile. These negative qualities can flow into the work environment if a looming deadline or important client needs attention, which can certainly cause disruptions in the workplace.

What are your long-term goals?

Asking this question will differentiate between those individuals who are truly looking to succeed within the company versus those who are simply looking for a quick paycheck. While we can’t discredit everybody for not wanting to be a CEO someday, it is important to note that individuals with defined long-term goals are more likely to succeed than individuals who have very little direction or ambition. Keep this in mind whenever you decide to do the hiring; the one that is picked may just be the next pioneer in the company.

How do you handle conflict?

It’s inevitable—conflict in the workplace is always bound to happen, whether we realize it or not. How one handles conflict is a must-ask question during an interview, regardless of the industry level. Their answer will determine whether or not they will be likely to cause a scene that will interfere with the smooth running of the company. No one likes distractions in the workplace, so be sure to find someone who believes in mediation rather than verbal matches.

What is your greatest weakness?

This question really has no right or wrong answer, but it does expand the views hiring managers can gain from the candidate during the interview. This question will require them to think about the answer, prompting them to dig deep into themselves. Successful candidates will always provide some sort of weakness, including a solution to solving their weakness in the workplace.

Whenever it is time to begin the hiring process, always remember that the right questions will bring out the best qualities in the right candidates. While choosing a resume that has plenty of qualifications is important, personalities can only be determined in a face-to-face interview. If hiring managers will remember these questions during hiring, they’re bound to find the right employee that’ll work wonders for the company.

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