Safety Workshop Tips (That Your Employees Won’t Hate)

Keeping employees safe in the workplace requires a great deal of effort on behalf of employers and employees alike. The first step toward promoting safety in the workplace is providing education, a crucial element that will help expand employee knowledge of proper safety procedures and handling of equipment. Companies may need to bring in third-party safety experts to hold these workshops, especially if the company is specialized in a field that uses industrial equipment or heavy machinery. An outside service that provides workshops also adds variety to employee experience, a factor that may decrease the monotony experienced in most work-related meetings.

Organizing a fun and informative safety workshop for employees can be a challenge for most employers; however, it isn’t impossible. Here are some tips for putting together a workshop that employees will love:

Have Separate Workshops for Each Department.

While it is true that each department in a business works together to accomplish a single goal for the company, each department also has a singular point of focus and expertise. A meeting covering general safety tips, or one that speaks to all departments in the same meeting/workshop can be dull and uninteresting to employees. While employees wait for their department-specific safety education, they can lose attention during a workshop and come to dread future safety education classes. Companies should hold separate workshops focused solely on each department to help decrease this occurrence.

Out-of-Town Workshops.

If the company has the budget to fit in an out-of-town workshop for their employees, then they should certainly go for it. Offering the opportunity for traveling can be seen as a great benefit for some employees, especially if it is in a large, distant city. Workshops held out of town will also give employees a change of scenery and may promote a feeling of excitement and anticipation for the workshop.

Provide Hands-On Instruction.

When holding a workshop on equipment safety, employees shouldn’t just be given instructions on maintaining the safety of tools and equipment in the workplace. They should be given hands-on instruction during the course, helping to facilitate the learning process and aid in reducing time spent in future workshops.

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