4 Things Every Admin Resume Should Have

Securing a position in the administrative industry isn’t always easy, even for those with a wide range of experience and knowledge of the field. Simply tailoring a resume and including specific talking points may be helpful for increasing one’s chances of landing an admin job; however, a resume needs careful crafting and attention before sending out to hiring managers.

Here are 4 basic (yet effective) things every admin should have on their resume, regardless of their experience:

Relevant Education.

Immediately after presenting a job objective, it may be wise to include relevant education and certifications related to the position. Employers look for candidates that have spent the time and effort learning about their chosen field, and will certainly take these aspects into account during the hiring process. If education maintains a relatively small part of the resume, it may be helpful for candidates to seek out online certification programs in computer management, administration, finance, etc.

Highlight Experience.

When listing experience in an admin resume, always highlight the most productive results attained within previous positions. For example, a candidate should include the triumphs, learning experiences, and skills used during previous employment, specifically those related to the desired position. Tailoring highlighted work experience tends to give weight to admin resumes.

Emphasize Communication and Problem-Solving Skills.

Other than highlighting past communication skills, be sure to mention existing communication and problem-solving skills, as these are essential for anyone in an administrative position. Admin resumes should refer to the applicant’s strong ability to work independently as well as in a team environment, regardless of the responsibilities outlined in a job posting.

Call to Action.

Add a “call to action” at the end of a resume that is tailored to the company, position, and/or hiring manager. By adding an extra touch to the end (as well as the beginning) of an admin resume, HR will see a candidate that has motivation and the ability to go the extra mile. End a resume or its cover letter with a short sentence of gratitude and anticipation for future communication related to the position.

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