Having the Time to Find a Job Means more Money

A recent study by the New York Federal Reserve has found that job seekers who are already employed get job offers worth 23% more on average than those without jobs.

The study pointed out some of the reasons why this might be true. Over time, a  candidate’s skills could lose value while they’re out of work, possibly becoming unfamiliar with best practices or even new requirements. Those job seekers who are employed while looking have better access to professional networks and learning tools that could land them their next job.

Ultimately though, a person with steady income is a worker with leverage and the ability to take the time that negotiating for a higher wage can sometimes take.

With less opportunity and more competition than ever it’s also harder than ever for the unemployed to find good work. Online tools, like LinkedIn, and non-compete clauses make it possible for employers to bypass unemployed candidates all together. 

Working with a staffing agency like Sentech Services to find your next job, makes it easier for you find work while you’re unemployed—and employed—both meaning that you’ll always be in a better position to find your next, better paying job. Recruiters at a staffing agency are committed to finding you work and also have commitments to the companies they are hiring for. 

For job seekers this means that once you’ve applied you’ll have a dedicated group of people who want to place you as soon as possible.

Contact us today to find out how a staffing agency can make your search for a better paying job easier. 


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