The Most Important Candidate Screening Processes for Your Business

Expanding a company almost always translates to increasing staff size, a business move that can prove successful if accomplished through proper screening. The importance of screening potential candidates for any position can never be understated, as it is this process that separates motivated team members from sluggish and less-than-ideal staff members. While no screening process can always bring forth amazing results in the terms of employees, it can help prevent turnover and disruption in the overall company.

Companies make unfavorable hiring decisions every day, and it usually boils down to one thing: a lack of a well-oiled screening process. Here are just some of the important candidate screening processes any hiring manager can implement during an interview:

Resume Review.

Although most individuals want to believe that the majority of applicants are honest by nature, desperate workers may get through the cracks during some interviews. These applicants tend to embellish, for lack of a better term, on their resume, leading hiring managers to expect more than what they will actually receive during employment. That being said, resumes should be analyzed thoroughly before, during, and after the interview process. Questions about certain work experience on the resume related to the job in question can also provide more insight into an applicant’s qualifications and knowledge.


This may be just as important as a resume review. Asking for references may promote more security for hiring managers as well as the applicant themselves. Following up with professional references can ensure that applicants are indeed knowledge about the position they are seeking. Also, receiving references can help hiring managers gain insight into an applicant’s work history, helping to gauge possible turnover.

View Past Performance.

For strict hiring managers and companies seeking a top-notch employee, asking for past work performance records, in whatever shape that may take, can be a helpful screening tool. By looking at charts, figures, presentations, or products created by applicants in their past work roles, employers can gain further insight into the capabilities of possible employees.

Ask About Work/Life Balance.

Employees should have a proper balance between work and personal life, making sure they have ample time to relax, an action that aids in revving up their creative forces for the working week. Employers may want to question applicants on their ability to manage their work/life balance, helping to seek employees who are positioned in a healthy psychological and emotional state conducive for generating positive, productive results in the company.

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