The Best Gear to Keep You Safe on the Job

In the light industrial workforce, there are certain hazards that come into play that may interfere with the successful completion of necessary projects. While these hazards are often rarely seen in the workforce, they still require proper care and precaution. This is where Safety Threads come in, helping to reduce fire and chemical contact to the skin while also decreasing the likelihood of electrical shock. When working in this industry, workers need a certain level of protection in order to keep them and their co-workers safe.

There are a number of tools available to reduce workplace accidents, including clothing items. Many protective clothing is bulky and too cumbersome in a light industrial environment. More companies in the industry are calling for the use of durable, more comfortable options, all utilizing certain “threads” and fabrics designed to protect against fire, chemicals, and electricity. Here are three of the most commonly-used Safety Threads that many people use in light industrial work as well as other working environments:

Insulated Rubber Gloves.

For many light industrial jobs, the use of electrical equipment is often part of the daily grind. The use of insulated rubber gloves helps to reduce electrical shock, and is often mandatory for many workers in industrial work. Gloves are typically provided for workers who need them, and workers should always ask for this protection regardless of how minor their electrical work may be.


Flame-resistant shirts aren’t always necessary in certain light industrial work environments; however, it is nevertheless important for maintaining safety in the workplace. Some safety threads help to protect clothing (and the body) from rare work-related fires.

Working Pants and Jeans.

Safety pants and jeans are also helpful for reducing fire damage related to certain technologies. Some are also helpful for reducing chemical absorption, possibly helping to reduce chemical contact to the skin.

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