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With the New Year everyone is setting new resolutions for their career and job. These resolutions are not always met with the same enthusiasm that was put into dreaming them up. Set a goal this year instead. Goals are more achievable because they rely on implemented strategies that can be achieved in small increments. New Year’s resolutions are more broad and often focus on fault and end in defeat through giving up or simply halting altogether.

Top 5 Job Goals for 2018

When you’re preparing goals for your career this year, there are some important concepts to keep in mind. Having a healthy work-life balance is essential for a successful career and learning new things in your chosen career path can also facilitate improvement and movement up the corporate ladder. Here are some goals you may wish to consider:

Get Social.

Networking is one of the key components for enhancing one’s career, but it’s surprising to know just how many people fail to grasp this concept. Not only is networking helpful for landing a job, it can also help employees discover new opportunities in their own workplace. Building a professional network among coworkers can be extremely helpful for increasing one’s chances of moving up in their chosen career within the company, or it may help employees become aware of other opportunities in another setting.

Get Educated.

Education is also an important facet for facilitating one’s career, as the more one knows the more one can do (and the more one can earn). Sometimes, if an employee learns a new skill set their employer may raise their salary. This is considering that the new skill set is met with new opportunities in the job.

Manage Time More Efficiently.

Time is money, as the saying goes. Managing time on the job is crucial for maintaining an even work flow. Getting the job done and getting it done correctly can only happen when an employee doesn’t feel rushed. Getting a scheduling system on one’s computer, phone, or tablet may be helpful for organizing the day’s projects.

Work-Life Balance.

All work and no play is certainly detrimental to job efficiency. Without rest and relaxation, work can become boring and lose its appeal. Setting boundaries and keeping work and home life separate can help ease tension and reduce the likelihood of burnout.

Stop Multitasking.

While multitasking is seen as a good skill to have (and can be helpful in some circumstances), having a split focus of attention can sometimes translate into a project that is only half as good as it could be. In other words, one of the goals for 2018 should be to manage time so that each project receives its full, undivided attention. At Sentech Services, Inc., we are motivated to provide our clients with successful tools, tips, and services necessary for creating a dynamic and fulfilling career. Feel free to contact us today to get to know more about our services and how we can help!

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