Advice You Never Hear

A recent Quora thread, “What are a few pieces of unique career advice that nobody ever mentions?”, offers someting you don’t get everyday: career advice you’ve never heard before. 

What follows are five excellent take-aways from that thread gathered by Business Insider.


1. “Understand when people see you check your phone at every call, then don’t answer when they call, they then know you put them on a low priority.” —Mike Leary


2. “As you move up, your future success depends on doing unassigned work and responsibilities. Anyone who made it past the hiring process can do the assigned job at the company, but it takes a lot more to deliver value to the company that wasn’t assigned or even thought of.” —Victor Wong


3. “The network of people you know who leave your current company are often times more valuable to you than those with your company.” —James Schek


4. “Try to make the next person’s job down the line easier. For example, if you are working on a project that goes through different hands, see what kinds of things you can do on your end that will make the process flow easier for the next person who performs the next step.” —Richard Gary Butler


5. “Entitlement is a career killer. Focus on staying grateful and working hard rather than feeling that things are owed to you.” —Scott Miker


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