Should You Wear a Suit to a Manufacturing Interview? Here is the Answer…

Suits are one of the most highly-recommended attire choices for individuals going through an interview, usually regardless of gender or industry. That being said, many people are unsure what to wear to a manufacturing interview, as this industry environment is often casual in dress and usually lax on dress codes. Depending on the department, a suit can be a viable dress choice for interviewees in the manufacturing industry; however, it isn’t always the most expected or required.

A suit signifies professionalism and attention to detail; yet, in the manufacturing industry, personal appearances aren’t typically heralded before skill and experience. In fact, most manufacturing employees will wear company uniforms and/or relaxed attire during the working day, with suits being the least-common choice by employers. Those interviewing for a position in the manufacturing industry should dress nicely and have an overall sense of personal cleanliness.

Here are just a few items applicants should not wear during a manufacturing job interview:

  • Old, torn, or dirty blue jeans. Instead, wear khakis, even if they are khaki jeans. This will provide a balance between casual and professional, an aspect that is certainly required in the industry.
  • Tennis shoes. Dress shoes that match with the pants, belt, and shirt are ideal. While tennis shoes may be employed during working, the interviewee should wear some type of smart, comfortable, and attractive shoe during the hiring process.
  • T-shirt. Never wear a t-shirt to an interview—including manufacturing interviews. Wear a button-down shirt that can be tucked into pants. A tie may not be necessary in this case; however, a little extra effort may create a more balanced look.

There are a few exceptions to these suggestions where suits may be necessary for a manufacturing interview. Individuals applying for administrative or managing positions may benefit from wearing a suit. Women will often be recommended to wear a pant suit if interviewing at a manufacturing site, as this will allow for ease of motion, an aspect that is required for industrial and manufacturing environments. Men may want to invest in a suit for a management interview in the manufacturing industry, as well. This attire choice will simply reflect the candidate’s professional tone and enhance their first impression on hiring managers.

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