Career Advice from 10 Experts

Thanks to U.S. News 10 career experts share their advice on the decisions you can make to improve your career. 


1. Treat Everyone You Meet as a Potential Employer

You simply never know who you will meet and it never hurts to think of them as potential networking opportunities to advance your career. This falls easily inline with ideas about always dressing your best because first impressions REALLY DO MATTER! 

2. Persistence

It’s as easy as, DON’T EVER GIVE UP! Your dreams and ideas about your future should be pursued with vigor and not derailed by minor occurances.

3. Do Your Research

You should be familiar with every company you wish to apply at before submitting that application. Nothing sounds as good as knowing the ins and outs at an interview. 

4. Don’t be Defined by Your Past

Far more important than what you’ve done (your college degree, work history) is how you’ve done it. Being able to grow depends on your ability to move on to new things or to accept new challenges. Sometimes the titles we give ourselves or that are given to us, prevent growth. 

5. When You Go, Leave It Better than You Found It

Whatever job you do, make sure that when  you’re ready to leave for the next challenge in your life, that it’s better off for having had you there. Nothing insures a positive reference like performance. 

6. Take Advantage of Every Opportunity

Whenever your employer offers you the ability to take on some new task or opportunity to grow, TAKE IT! Whether the benefits are made available right away or not, being able to reference your expreince in an interview down the road will be invaluable. 

7. Honor Your Values

No job is worth your integrity or, more importantly, your safety. Make sure that when you’re on the job, you maintain those values. Sticking to them may seem hard, but having expectations for workplace conditions should serve as a way to maintain them in a safe way. 

8. Invest in Your Communication Skills

The absolute greatest tool you can have at your side in almost any circumstance is the ability to communicate effectively. No other skills will help you in an interview, or in life, as much as this. 

9. Find a Mentor

In most professions no one will encrouage you to find a mentor, but this is a person who can help you grow professionally. A good mentor relationship can have you taking advantage of new opportunities in no time. 

10. Reach Out to Recruiters

Take an active role in helping them find someone for the dozens of jobs they are hiring for. Recruiters are busy people and they often have several jobs that are hard to fill. If you have a skillset that is uncommon, reach out for support in finding a job. Staffing agencies make it easy for people to connect with jobs that aren’t always posted elsewhere. 

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