Questions to Ask an Interviewer

Going into a job interview can be daunting in itself, let alone having to face that final dreaded inquiry: “So, do you have any questions?” Most people draw a blank at this point, trying to find something to ask in an effort to appear genuinely interested as well as generally intelligent. Candidates should certainly go into an interview with general questions that can easily be applied to any job they are seeking, hopefully allowing those queries evolve and take shape during the interview process into questions that are more tailored to the position.

Asking questions of hiring managers, employers, or anyone else involved in the hiring process can help candidates stand out from other applicants. Here are three of the most important questions to ask an interviewer that candidates should use to their advantage:

What is the work culture like?

Being inquisitive about the work culture—how other employees dress, work activities, office parties, and mental atmosphere—can help candidates gain more insight into an environment that they may be entering in the future. Asking about work culture may also indicate to hiring managers that a candidate is interested in understanding the employees before getting directly involved, and may also indicate a sense of awareness and respect for a positive work environment.

How does this role enhance and contribute to the results of the entire company?

Employers want to know that employees are concentrating their full efforts on their specific department, thereby promoting growth and effective results for the entire company. Hiring managers may find that this question indicates a candidate’s attention to teamwork and contribution, two qualities most employers look for in an applicant.

Are there any training opportunities?

This question can specify that a candidate is willing to enhance their skills and knowledge within the company, an aspect that helps to further enhance the overall results of the business. It helps a candidate appear willing to grow within the company while growing their overall value.

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