Impress the Hiring HR Teams with These Phrases

You resume, the way present yourself at an interview, your follow up… These are all crucial elements in the final stages of landing a job. The final gate: HR. Whether it’s over the phone, in person with a hiring manager or the team, at some point your interview will include the people eventually responsible for doing the work of hiring you and granting you a job.

One of the most overlooked elements of the job interview is often yourself. You spend so much time trying to convince a group of strangers that you can do the job that you’ll often forget about yourself. If you’ve proven you have the merit to preform the job, all you have to do is demonstrate you’re the kind of person the hiring team wants to have on board. These means convincing them that, not only will you preform, you’ll add to the team in big and dynamic way.

Try out some of these phrases, see if they fit you. If so, give them a whirl in a job interview and see how HR managers and hiring managers respond.

1. I can control my emotions and remain calm in situations where others cannot.

2. I understand that both my co-workers’ and manager’s time is valuable. Before I ask questions, I do research.

3. I am a loyal worker and I meet challenges rather than hope they go away.

4. I take responsibility for my actions and when things go wrong I don’t blame others.

5. I wear my passion for my work like a badge on my sleeve. I want others to notice that.

6. I like to learn about other people and understand what makes them work. It helps me work better.

7. I seek every opportunity available to learn new information that will help me do my job and grow.

8. I have high expectations because I am confident in my abilities.

9. I am the type of person who is in control and who is able to be focused when pursuing a goal.

10. I will only work for a company that concerns itself with my safety on the job.

11. I know that I don’t know everything, but I’m ready surround myself with the people who can help me learn.

12. I like to be part of the solution and to feel like I am a part of something.

13. I want to be successful.

Unless you’ve got some insider knowledge, it’ll be difficult to predict when you can get these points about yourself across, if any. The best thing you can do it take advantage of two, almost, universally asked questions. 1) “Tell us about yourself?” and 2) “Do you have any questions for us?”

Imagine asking these points instead of repeating them. For instance: “I like to a part of a solution and to feel like I’m a part of something, a team. Can you tell me about the things you do here to cultivate an environment of teamwork?”

Remember, while HR types love to hear these things, they had better be true about you. Don’t just start repeating the things you know they want to hear. Nothing will earn you the scorn of a recruiter or hiring manager like failing to come through on your own description of yourself, nevermind your qualifications.

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