How to Communicate with Your Boss about Workload

No one wants to come across as lazy, uncommitted, or like they aren’t a team player, but when you feel overwhelmed, you really should let your manager or boss know. This should serve as a simple guideline to opening the door when you’re trying to approach an employer about an issue.

Have a candid conversation.

Start by letting them know you have your company’s and your job’s objectives in ming to make sure you can both start on the same page.
Next, explain what’s getting in the way of you accomplishing those goals. Be as specific as possible. You might say: “This assignment requires a lot of preparation, which is time-consuming” or “Now that I am have a new set of tasks, I am spending more time planning, and I have less time for the more critical task of completing the work.”
But don’t stop there — offer ideas for addressing the issue, maybe three, for example. You might suggest that certain tasks be done quarterly instead of monthly, that colleagues step in to assist you on a particular project, or that the organization hire a temp to lighten the load. Identify projects that can be delayed, delegated, deleted, or diminished without compromising your team and organizational goals.

Best, advice: Keep an honest line of communication open between you and the people you work with. It will save you stress down the road and make work easier.

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