Job Search Habits

Habits are a little of both worlds, often helpful – sometimes damaging. Some are great to keep and others can be your own worst enemy, preventing you from achieving your career goals or even getting an interview. Keep habits that are productive, toss the rest.

Your job search is built using time honored techniques combined with your personal approach that makes you unique from others. Everyone has their own introduction, work experience and communication style that makes them memorable, yet the candidates who land jobs share five core attributes that make their job search successful.

1. Never look back.
Being persistent with your job search goals helps keep you focused and on track. It’s easy to let your job search go by the wayside when employers are not responsive, but the one habit that will energize your search is persistence. Having a tenacious attitude keeps you moving forward.

2. Follow up.
Following up is a habit that makes the difference between those who land a great opportunity and those who miss out. There are so many ways to follow up with people and successful job candidates make it a part of their routine. They follow up through multiple channels in order to keep communication strong. The habit of following up is a powerful way to keep your name in front of a decision maker and send the perception that you are motivated.

3. Stay flexible.
Keeping an open mind towards attending new events and using new job search techniques will help you thrive in a competitive job market. No one can predict all the opportunities you will encounter during your search and staying flexible increases your chances of meeting the right employer.

4. Maintain and expand your connections.
Keeping a social networking presence online as well as meeting others in-person is a good habit to maintain. Being connected to others in your career field helps build your knowledge with the latest trends and keeps you posted on future developments. Make it a goal to meet others for lunch and join a professional association. When you stay connected, you increase your chances of uncovering a great opportunity.

5. Think of others.
A successful job search is made up exchanging information, it’s a two-way street in sharing conversations, time and information with others. There are numerous ways to give back such as volunteering and remembering those who have helped you. Keeping the habit of giving back sends a message of good will and in turn comes back to you in unexpected ways.

Good habits will bring you freedom from an unproductive job search and give you a sense of achievement. Making these five habits a part of your career in general will help keep you moving towards a bright future. All successful job candidates knows the power of good habits combined with a positive attitude. Success in life largely depends on the habits you keep.

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