Owning the Interview

What to do if…

your interviewer isn’t asking the right questions or may not be fully prepared for the interview.

Hopefully it doesn’t happen to you often but recruiters/interviewers are sometime not trained or prepared for your interview. If you find that’s the case while you’re sitting in an interview use these tips to help you navigate your way to a job.

Interviews are often time limited and as such you’ll want to make sure that the conversation stays relevant to your skills. If things get off track use your resume to bring things back to you and your qualifications. Be tactful, but use the resume as a sort of road map to get things back on track. If discussing one area leads to a digression, connect it to another skill or experience.

In cases where the kinds of questions that allow you to showcase your specific strengths aren’t being asked, asked your own questions about the job. If you ask well thought out questions, highlighting specifics, it will bring attention back to you qualification for the job. Don’t butt in, but if a questions simply seems diverting to you respond politely, quickly and follow up with your own question about the job your applying for. Questions that allow you to highlight your suitability include those relating to the sort of person they’re looking for, the expectations of the role and how the ideal candidate could perform.

Use feedback…

as an opportunity to dispel and doubt about your ability to do the job. Checking to make sure you answered the interviewers questions to their satisfaction or if you can expand on anything you’ve already said that will allow you to placate any concerns the interviewer may have but isn’t raising with you directly.

If you’re asked an inappropriate or stressful question, take the time to make sure you don’t react in a way that makes your seem argumentative or aloof. When the question seems inappropriate to you, perhaps a question about work/life balance geared toward asking if you could put work before family, for instance, give an example of how you’d manage that successfully. In cases where the you may not be prepared for the answer, ask for a moment to reflect. Giving yourself the time to answer in a meaningful way is always better than seeming caught off guard. It will showcase your ability to deal with things effectively.

All that aside, if you want a no hassle, uncomplicated route to a job with interviewers and recruiters who get it, apply with Sentech Services today.

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