Make Yourself Easy to Find (Hire)

Social Media and the internet are being increasingly, if not permanently, used by recruiters and companies to connect with, search for, and hire new employees.

Job boards, Twitter, LinkedIn and other avenues on the internet have completely and totally changed the way people find jobs and the way that companies hire people. While it’s still possible to walk into a place of work and drop off a resume, more frequently companies and hiring personnel want to conduct the process electronically, online. In the case of recruiters it’s increasingly common to seek out employees rather than just waiting for them apply and they’re seeking you out online.

How can you make the most of out this for your job search?
The perception of yourself that you create online will almost certainly have an impact on your job search. Be a part of conversations about the career you seek. Have a positive and non-combative voice and don’t be divisive. Foster a self-brand that will leave people/recruiters with the impression that you can make difference and be a positive impact on the workplace.

In the past all you could do to share your worth at the onset of the job search process was what was available on your resume. Now, however, there are so many other ways to build connections and stay ahead of your job search. Connect with the companies you’re interested in, their staff, and thought leaders. Make yourself known and participate in the conversations they are starting and sharing. Just keep in mind what you’re saying. An electronic footprint is almost never something you can delete entirely and all it will take to turn a recruiter or hiring manager against you is one inflammatory comment. Be a good person. The golden rule. You’ll do just fine.

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Additional Tips:

Connect with recruiters specializing in the jobs you’re interested in.

Be consistent with the information you put on different social media sites and avoid negative or misleading posting.

Have a good profile, explaining what you do and use relevant job keywords. This will give you a better chance of being found online through searches.

Include a good headshot photograph to use as your profile picture.

Be on a number of different social media sites; LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. Use a socially connected email account like Gmail.

Remove any potentially damaging photos and posts from your accounts.

Be pro-active – Find the recruiters and companies and start to engage with them.

Use your own network to help you find people online to network with.

Don’t give up after. You have to put in the hard work to get the rewards when looking for a new job, and using the internet is no different.

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