Suggestions for Your Time During the Job Search

Too many people find themselves without work and it’s easy to lose sight of things while unemployed and looking for a job. What sort of things can you do while looking for work to keep you busy, your time occupied, and the quality of your life better.

Looking for a job is a stressful and often a difficult, lonely ordeal. Job fairs and other large group opportunities to find work are a way to not only find it but to also communicate and network with people who understand your position and want to help. Seek out resume help at these events if available and make sure to take names and contact information.

The internet is also changing the way you can pass time during your job search. Beyond allowing you to search for and apply for a large number of jobs while networking with professionals and recruiters, you can use your time to learn new skills. The internet is flush with resources that are free which allow an individual to learn and better themselves. Free university resources, libraries, training materials, and even things like podcasts can help you improve yourself. Learning and growing is never a waste of time and making use of the internet for this will better prepare you in almost every way for a job interview.

Volunteering. Seems like cliche to offer advice that volunteering is fulfilling. It’s important to note though that there are some real world benefits to volunteering your time, namely that you wont be alone. Wherever your volunteering, you’ll be working closely with other people who can offer you an entirely new support structure. You’ll offer up that you have free time because of your job search and without even meaning to you’ll have also established a new network that cares about your success. Additionally, the people you work with will have done just that – worked with you. You can benefit from their references or even their recommendations. Most importantly, volunteering your time while you’re looking for a job will be actually be fulfilling, diverting, and could even improve your quality of life, if only briefly during the day. Give it a try.

You should also seek out professional help from recruiters like the teams of them at all of Sentech Services branch locations. There is plenty of evidence to show that if you do, you’ll find a better job sooner. Send us your resume, apply directly for a job, or enter our talent network and you’ll notice the improvement to your job search. Our recruiters will use your resume to match you with a job that suits you.

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