Tips for a Manufacturing Resume


Management, production, temporary or full time, there’s a variety of decisions to make when looking for a manufacturing job that suits your needs and qualifications. First step to make a decision; a proper resume. In addition to the usual, there a few things you’ll want to make sure you’ve got right to land the interview for the kind of work you’ve decided you want.

Don’t skip out on a cover letter or, at the very least, include a statement indicating your specific objective for the job you’re applying to. Don’t merely list out your goals, but include phrases that match the keyword for the kind of work you are applying to. Anytime you generalize it will be overlooked by recruiters.

For your past job experience only include jobs that are related to the work you are applying for. Include a description of the work you did and how you achieved success or helped to get it done. If you know of any numbers or statistics that prove you helped to improve the growth of the company or that relate to your success, include them. If you have any relevant education experience or certifications include them at the end of your resume.

If you’re having trouble here’s a helpful Manufacturing Resume Template to follow.

State an objective.
List your employment history and skills or abilities and educational background that relates to the job.
For example include the following that is applicable to you:

Technical certifications
Technical training
Hardware knowledge
Database applications

Keep in mind that the most relevant and important duties or responsibilities that you’ve done should be listed first. Keep focus on related courses and certifications in the educational qualification field.

Avoid unnecessary information like hobbies and interests. Instead strengths or skills can be elaborated to maintain the seriousness of your resume.

The rest of it is up to you. Apply to a job with Sentech Services today to find work.


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