5 Things Not to Forget When Looking for a Job

1. You Can Do the Job

When interviewing or looking for work, it is important to know that you can do the job you want. It’s easy to lose sight of your ability, successes, and what make you hirable if you’ve been having a hard time finding work. Keep in mind that just beacuse the hiring manager, your future boss, doesn’t know yet, doesn’t mean you can’t. Shoot for the job you want and don’t settle for “anything.”

2. Cover Letters Still Matter

First impressions are still, and always will be, one of the most meaningful opportunities you can have. It’s the best chance you to have to make a statement about yourself that other will remember. This is especially important when you’re looking for a job and there’s nothing particularly exciting about a resume. Chances are yours looks an awful lot like everyone else’s. That’s why the cover letter still matters. It’s your first opportunity to tell your future employer that you’ll do the extra work to standout, that it’s important to you that you succeed, and that their opinion of you matters. Don’t be like the crowd, standout by making a great first impression before you’ve even met the team!

3. Use Your Network

People love to talk about leveraging their network and how so-and-so got them the job, but what does it really take? You’ll quickly find it’s not enough to simply post or put out there that you’re looking for work. It takes a little more work. Thankfully socially media makes it easy to hone in on the right people. Friends, recruiters, family members, former co-workers are all just a few clicks away. Tailor your message for the recipient, copy/pasting a message is rarely a good idea – it lacks the personal touch. Be honest about your situation so that they can better help you and avoid saying you’ll take anything. You have specific skills to leverage don’t throw them away because you’re looking for work.

4. Listen

Whether it’s the people we’ve reached out to, friends, or the people who might hire us, it’s crucial to listen. We hear plenty of unsolicited advice when we’re looking for jobs, between jobs, or making a big career change. It’s important to make sure that when you do reach out for help and advice that you listen and take to heart whatever has been shared with you.

5. Learn About the People

Hard as it can be to accept, work is often about more than just work. There’s a commute, new spaces, and people. Other people. You’ll have to see them everyday you show up for work. You’ll have to work with many of them. One or more of those people will be your boss. Find out about the company you’re applying to; the culture, the location, values. Do they value safety, for example. Do you? At the very least, doing a little digging will give you a head start when interviewing.

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