Holiday Job Search

The time between Thanksgiving and Christmas in the United States can be a confusing and often confounding time for job seekers. Are recruiters hard at work? Are there any new jobs? Is it too close to year end for new hires? Here’s the thing; don’t put off our job search until January just because of a few days in November and December.

Get to the Front of the Line

Just like you and many other employees all over the country, recruiters are likely at work most of the time during the holidays – you might miss opportunities in November through December if you’re inclined to believe otherwise. Getting your resume in at the end of the year can help you get to to the top of the pile come the new year. Companies start implementing new hiring strategies, posting new positions, and start the resume review and interview process.

Stay Social

People are more social during the holidays and networking seems to happen naturally – how many times has a family member asked about someone’s job/prospects. If you’re looking for work during the holidays, use parties to let people in your network know in person. Family and friends are one of the best ways to find reliable work. With no shortage of events to cater these opportunities, you’d be missing out if you thought you should pump the brakes until after the holidays.

Be Up-to-date

Is your resume up-to-date? LinkedIn profile optimized to the max? Have you fostered relationships with the recruiters of any job leads? Do you need to practice for interviewing?Use the frequent downtime you may have during the holidays to update, practice, and perfect yourself.

Continue preparing and moving forward with job search through the end of the year – don’t let someone else seem more ambitious through your inaction. Make the most of the last month of the year to keep your “job search” off of your list of New Year’s resolutions.

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