A Few Things to Know About LinkedIn

LinkedIn and Your Job Search

Is LinkedIn right for someone who is looking for work in a skilled trade? By now, most people know that LinkedIn is a wonderful resource for professionals seeking networking and career opportunities, but is it right for folks seeking work outside the office building.

If you’re tech-savvy job seeker you know that you can leverage the power of the internet is extraordinary ways to help you find work (if you’re not so tech-savvy, don’t worry, these tips will help you out). Whether you’re connecting with hiring managers or recruiters via Facebook, a job website like Monster, or building a personal/professional website, the options are sort of limitless. Here’s the thing; for someone seeking to hire you, it can be a lot of noise to sift through. LinkedIn is the best place online to showcase a digital resume. It has the name recognition and wide user base to act a trusted source of information about you and comes with plenty of functionality, like the ability to share an actual resume via PDF. LinkedIn should be the place you most often refer someone who interested in connecting with you professionally. In most cases LinkedIn is easier to share and edit than a regular resume. No matter how you’re going about your job search, you should have and maintain a LinkedIn profile and page.

You don’t have to use all of the features of LinkedIn but it helps to have an understanding of the website and how it works. People often post jobs their companies are hiring for and companies likewise post jobs to their profiles. It’s the easiest way to see which jobs are “must fill” something you can’t get on a job board.

There is also a section on LinkedIn specifically dedicated to job postings. It is tailored to the kinds of jobs you’ve done in the past or to match with your skill sets. It’s a powerful way to easily see a number of jobs that you’ve never come across and likely wouldn’t if you weren’t using that tool. You can find this page at the top of a LinkedIn page under the tab “jobs”.


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