You’ve Got the Job, Now What? Making a Good Impression

After the job search and interview themselves little is as stressful as the first few days at a new job. It’s important to meet the right people and foster a positive impression of yourself with your co-workers while getting settled into a new environment. All of the new things and experiences can be overwhelming.

What to do?

It’s important to ask questions to gain a more complete understanding of your role, but it’s equally important to pay attention to all of the new information coming your way. By being engaged right away on day one, you will be sure to leave a lasting impression with your supervisors and co-workers. Don’t lose focus to daydreaming and distracting stimulus of the new environment. This includes being too social too quickly. Slowly foster personal relationships at work to make sure they are the right ones.

Be respectful and confident. Make sure your new co-workers know that you value their experience and are glad to be a part of their team. Remember, they have tons they can teach you and it’s likely they are happy to have the help from their new team member. Demonstrate to them early that you have the skills needed to get things done properly and efficiently, but aren’t afraid of or adverse to their input. It can come in handy further down the road.

Don’t try too hard to fit in or to impress people. You probably already know from personal experience that other people can often tell when a person is forcing a behavior to illicit a response, in this case to be liked and to fit in. Chances are your own job experience and personality will carry you far enough in your new role that you shouldn’t have to force anything. Be yourself, remain confident, and remember that you made it this far, the rest is easy.

It’s also important to keep in mind that this is a learning opportunity as much as it’s a chance for you to make an impression. Typically, if you do both well, with the intention to succeed, it’s likely that you will.

If you’re feeling especially nervous about your big day at a new workplace reach out to our recruiters. They can give you helpful tips to make sure your start goes as smoothly as possible.

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