Staples of the Job Search

Far too often you’ll read a list of creative or outlandish ideas when conducting your job search. While these moves might be smart for a small percentage of job seekers, it’s likely some of these ideas could be negatively received depending on the industry/company you are apply to. There are, however, some time honored things you can do to insure that you still stand out, or that will at least put you in a better position to find the work you’re looking for.

Understanding Recruiters

In some cases recruiters don’t know much about technically about the roles they are hiring for and spend time scanning resumes, acting as gatekeepers who check for line-item qualifications listed in a job description. At Sentech Services our recruiters have years of experience in our fields of job placement expertise; manufacturing, industry, engineering. Recruiters like those you’ll find at Sentech Services want to work with the best in the talent pool to cultivate relationships and watch your career grow. You’ll want to know the difference and cultivate relationships with these kinds of recruiters as well. Contact our team today.

Leverage your knowledge of the content in resume.

Your resume should provide insight into what job experience you’ve had in the past, but you should think of it as a living document. Update it frequently and evaluate the strengths that it highlights. When you’re being interviewed about it, you can use these strengths as proof of your experience and ability to get the job done. Don’t shy away from including information about your performance, it can be just as important to include as your job history. If you’ve been part of something that you’re especially proud of having completed at work, include it. Recruiters often look for keywords and experience is often lost in translation, be familiar with and make your accomplishments clear. The more articulate you can be with your accomplishments the more likely you are to leave an impression of your understanding of the job and its requirements.

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Networking and Referrals.

A good resume is important to landing a job but often they don’t open doors as frequently as we’d like. Be aware of the networks you’re a part of or can leverage. Maintain relationships with people who can provide you with references and cultivate networks online. Sites like LinkedIn are easily identified and go-to places to look for a job, but consider where your strongest networks live, where you’re best support could come from. Your Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram profiles are more likely to be connected to individuals who are invested in your success that you’re not already connected with professionally. Sentech Services makes it easy for you to connect with us and to invite people in your network to connect. Whether it’s through the sharing of our website or by using our referral system, there’s no need to miss an opportunity to build on and expand your network. If you’re already employed with Sentech Services there are benefits to using our referral system to recommend new employees.



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