Use Big Data to Help Customers AFTER the Purchase

Big data is making big waves in the manufacturing industry. As the Internet of Things brings businesses and consumers closer to a completely digital age, more and quicker access to information is revolutionizing how business is done. Big data allows companies to make real-time decisions based on actual data from machines and processes to improve efficiency, make a better product, and even help customers after the purchase is made. Read on to find out how.

Big Data Means Cost Savings

In using big data, companies are able to improve processes and reduce waste. The ability to collect and make sense of large amounts of information is transforming manufacturing into a more streamlined and intelligent business. Big data is expected to accelerate the integration of IT, manufacturing and operational systems directly on the shop floor, which will then lead to better forecasting and understanding of plant performance. This saves companies serious money, and manufacturers in turn can share those cost savings with their customers. As processes become more efficient and machines perform better, the cost of doing business inevitably goes down and manufacturers are better able to compete with other companies on the market, driving costs for consumers down.

Real-Time Information Makes Companies More Responsive

Real-time data, or Fast Data, is also making a huge impact on manufacturers. The ability to have insight into efficiencies and processes, performance and problems sooner and more accurately improves the responsiveness and even allows for preventive maintenance. When businesses have insight into issues when they first happen, they can address the problem before it even becomes a problem. That real-time information is critical to reducing downtime and maintenance efforts, and therefore saves companies (and customers) substantial amounts of money.

Better Data Allows for Better Decision Making

Big data is all about business intelligence, and making the right decisions at the right time. It allows companies to gather data and use it to make better decisions in terms of design, maintenance, operation, and output. Every decision depends on real information that is collected and analyzed for optimal impact. Employees become more effective, issues are addressed quicker and more effectively, machines become more productive, and processes more streamlined.

The new world of manufacturing is one where information is the new currency. Businesses and employees are smarter and more effective on the job. Manufacturers are able to produce their product quicker and with less downtime, helping to accelerate growth and improve their bottom line. New services are now available to provide a more total customer experience and help consumers learn about the total cost of ownership of their products. Big data enables open platforms and crowdsourcing in a way that drives interaction and innovation. It is expected to radically alter how manufacturers design, distribute, and even service their products. These changes are monumental and will have lasting impact to how customers engage with the businesses producing the latest and greatest products.

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