What Skills Are Successful in Manufacturing Jobs in 2016?

Interested in joining the manufacturing revolution? There is an exciting new landscape in the manufacturing industry. The Internet of Things and the digital revolution are creating a wide range of exciting jobs that might be the next dream job for you. But a new industry requires new technology and new skills from its workers in order to be successful. Here are the skills that we see from job seekers that will make them successful in the manufacturing arena.

Millennials in Manufacturing

Millennials have a real leg up on their competition in manufacturing because they are more familiar with the applications of the latest technology that would be relevant in manufacturing today. The use of connected devices and digital processes can be learned of course, but manufacturers are finding that millennials who are recent graduates of the training and educational programs geared toward manufacturing today are quick learners and have the right mindset to hit the ground running.

The manufacturing industry is also experiencing a moment when large amounts of employees are hitting retirement age at the same time, so there is a high demand for new blood/ That provides a great opportunity for millennials graduating from their training programs at the same time. High demand for new employees makes the job market very favorable for new hires, and competitive for companies looking to hire. This environment means more job opportunities and better compensation packages for the applicants with the right skills and experiences.

The Impact of Automation

Job descriptions in manufacturing look different than previous versions. Opportunities in software engineering, systems automation, and process engineering are on their way up while jobs which require only physical strength or the ability to consistently repeat a single process over and over are being phased out. Machinery automation has resulted in companies needing employees with engineering and programming experience and knowledge. They are looking to hire staff with science and technological backgrounds, math skills and experience working with spreadsheets and databases. You can leverage these critical skills to make an impact on the field.

Communication is Key

Every job you apply for will have an element of communication involved. Whether it’s between yourself and your co-workers, your clients, or your supervisors, you need to be able to tell stakeholders what is going on, and what you need or expect from them. Both written and verbal communication are important. Emphasize your abilities in both of these areas. The modern manufacturing industry is no different and requires clear and concise communication to ensure partners are all on the same page. Digital communication skills are also important, which means job candidates need to have an understanding of email, mobile devices, and how they can be effectively used within the manufacturing environment. If you are not familiar with the applicability of the latest communication strategies, it’s a great idea to reach out to manufacturers for insight or even a networking opportunity.

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