3 Ways to Start Your Day the Right Way

Mornings can be hectic. Between late nights, getting the kids off to school, or trying to run just one more errand before the workday starts, it can be a real challenge to arrive to work with a clear head and the motivation to give work your full attention. But the themes when you are able to start the day right, excited and eager to get to work, those are the days when you are able to do your best work and keep stress and fatigue at bay. Here are our top tips to help you start your day right.

Get Up and Exercise

Morning exercise is an amazing influencer on the rest of your day. Science has told us time and again that a stationary lifestyle – particularly one where we are sitting at a computer all day – can have serious negative consequences. Getting at least 20 minutes of rigorous exercise in each and every day will help keep your weight in check, your mood balanced, your energy levels up, and your stress down. Granted, it can be difficult to stay motivated to get in that early morning workout, but on the days when you can fit it in, you’ll be far better off.

Morning exercise doesn’t even have to be a full workout at the gym. Consider going for a run or walk to get your blood pumping first thing in the morning. Biking to work, if you can manage the commute, is another great way to fit exercise into your morning routine. A little yoga or floor exercises at home when you first wake up can also have a great impact on your day. Every little bit helps.

Take Breakfast Seriously

We’ve all heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. But just because it’s cliché doesn’t mean there isn’t any truth to it. While you might not be able to fit in a full helping of egg whites, toast, and a side of fruit every morning, make a real effort to eat a breakfast that’s right for you. Something that is quick and easy doesn’t have to be difficult to make or take a lot of time to eat. Consider prepping ingredients for breakfast the night before. Or if you are really crunched for time, grab a fruit and yogurt parfait or smoothie as you head out the door.

8 Glasses a Day

Coffee is the quintessential beverage of choice for most workers, but consider switching out your cup of java for a tall glass of water. Starting your day hydrated will help keep your tensions and your stress in check. Drinking your eight glasses throughout the workday can keep you running at full steam, even on your busiest days. Dehydration causes headaches, nausea and muscle cramps. Make sure you start your day off right by giving your body what it needs to be successful on the job.

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