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A great resume can mean the difference between a successful job application and simply being overlooked. The job market is increasingly competitive and in order to get ahead, candidates need to do whatever they can to get their resume noticed. But hiring managers are wise to simple formatting tricks and buzzwords. High-quality content and effective presentation are what it takes to get your resume to the top of the interview list. Today’s article will provide a number of tips that will help upgrade your resume.

Give Your Resume a Thorough Proofreading

You might be surprised how many spelling and grammar errors slip past candidates eager to submit their resume for a popular job opportunity. But simply being first in line does not mean your poor grammar will be overlooked. To avoid a negative impression due to careless mistakes in your resume, take your time to really finalize the document.

It often helps to put the file away for a period of time between writing and submitting it for review. Once you are able to look at it with fresh eyes, pay close attention to the details and wording you have chosen. Try to read it from the perspective of the hiring manager and look for faults that otherwise might have gotten past your initial review. If you find it difficult to review your own work, as for help from a peer or family member. Take any feedback you receive into consideration when finalizing the resume, and it will help fine-tune the document immensely.

Use a Professional Template

Simplicity has its benefits, but a professional-looking template can take your resume from strong to great with relatively little effort. There are many sources for such templates on the internet, and with a little research you can see which one will work best for your resume. Remember that professional doesn’t necessarily mean complicated or overly formatted. Balancing simplicity with design will help make your resume eye-catching enough to keep hiring managers from overlooking the content you provide.

Highlight Teamwork Skills

Teamwork is – and always will be – an important skill set that a wide range of hiring managers are looking for from their ideal candidates. In a social work environment, being able to collaborate and persuade others to your opinion is a skill that will benefit you as well as your team. To stand out from other applicants, show how your teamwork skills have been of benefit to your previous employers. Make sure to emphasize any quantitative or measurable outcomes of your contributions and state your qualifications in a way that clearly highlights what you can do for a new employer.

Highlight Safety

Safety is another issue that many hiring managers are concerned with. Having a proven track record for safety on the job and enabling your co-workers to create a safer work environment as well will make your resume stand out from the crowd. A stellar safety record helps employers reduce turnover, save money on insurance premiums, and attracts business. Show hiring managers that you understand and appreciate that a strong safety culture is of benefit to employees and employers both.

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