Do Companies Really Keep Your Resume on File?

Here’s a common scenario. You submit your resume and job application to an employer in response to an opening that you think is a great fit for your skills and experience. After a certain amount of time, you hear back from the hiring manager that while you were not selected for that particular job opportunity they will happily keep your resume on file in case a future job description matches your skill set. That’s all well and good, but do you ever wonder whether they actually do keep your resume on file? Today’s blog provide a little insight into this strange recruiting tactic.

Getting Let Down Easy

While the good employers certainly do make an effort to keep your resume on file in case of future need, sometimes this line can simply be an excuse to fend off job candidates for the time being. The fact of the matter is that employers do often receive hundreds of resumes in response to a single job listing, and while plenty of those candidates may be perfectly qualified to perform the job they were simply not the preferred candidate for the position. That said, employers don’t want to turn off qualified candidates who might be a great fit further down the road. By saying they appreciate your time and your interest, they are hoping that you will consider them as a prospective employer in the future and won’t feel too disheartened by not getting the job.

Employers know that employees and candidates have their own network and that there is value in maintaining positive relationships with candidates who did not make it past the application stage. Part of maintaining their reputation as a great employer involves encouraging candidates to apply to open positions, now and in the future. So taking the time to let applicants down easy is worth the effort.

Finding Real Value in Maintaining Your Resume with a Company

While some companies just are not equipped to handle the influx of candidates, the ones that do keep resumes on file and remember job candidates who are a good fit for future opportunities do in fact reach out to candidates in this way. If you find that you were not selected for a particular job opportunity but are interested in potential future openings, it is well worth your time to keep in touch with any hiring managers you connected with. Establishing a relationship with an employee will help personalize and solidify your application now and in the future. If possible, consider requesting an informational interview with a hiring manager to learn more about the company and any future opportunities that may be a good fit for your skills and experience further down the line.

While sending your resume into a database for possible future referencing, it is always the personal connections that are most powerful in a hiring situation. Your goal should be to connect person to person with someone who has influence in hiring decisions so that when the time comes and the right opportunity presents itself, your resume is top of mind and an easy recommendation.

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