How a Staffing Agency Can Find Your Next Job

The job hunt is not an easy undertaking. Many professionals find real value in teaming up with a staffing agency or career consultant to help them find their next opportunity. The job market of recent years has become more and more competitive, with employers looking for candidates with very specific skill sets, advances in recruiting technology, and the insecurity of a fast moving economy. Considering this, it is very much worth considering working with a staffing agency to position yourself in the best possible way. Here are a few key ways that staffing agencies can help you land your next job.

Regional and Industry Expertise

Particularly if you are new or returning to the workforce, having access to recruiting expertise can be of real benefit. While it’s true that employers are almost constantly looking for high-quality talent, that doesn’t mean it’s easy to land the job you are looking for. By partnering with a recruiter, you have instant access to the professional network of a staffing agency – which is substantially more connected than even the best LinkedIn accounts. Agencies know their industry and region inside and out because that is how they are able to make money for their clients. By enlisting the help of a recruiter, you are setting yourself up for a more targeted job search which often times is really the key to success.

Training Opportunities

In addition to a wider network and insider knowledge about what employers are really looking for, staffing firms are often able to provide valuable training opportunities to candidates. Recruiters are like career counselors. They are able to look at your resume and speak with you intelligently about what your goals are, what skills you have to contribute, and how those qualifications align with the needs of their customers. The insight they provide into your own prospective career can be invaluable.

Furthermore, they can train you in how to more effectively position yourself prior to and during a job search. They provide helpful reviews of your resume and cover letters, and can coach you as you prepare for an interview with a client. Sentech Services even goes above and beyond other staffing agencies and provides recruits with orientation training and safety training to make sure that you are set up for success in your new job.

Long-Term Investment

While the length of a contract with Sentech Services may vary, there is a long-term investment in candidates beyond just the initial assignment. Staffing agencies thrive on the success of their candidates, and it is in their best interest to make sure they continue to help you get a job even after your first assignment is completed. They are able to connect with you and provide you with valuable feedback to grow your career and improve the success of future contracts.

Partner with a Leader in Staffing in Detroit

For more than 25 years, Sentech Services has connected dedicated workers with employers throughout southeast Michigan and northern Indiana. If you’re ready to take the next step in your career, contact our great team today and experience how a staffing agency will help you land your next job.


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