Make the First Impression You Want at Your New Job

First impressions are undeniably important, and your first day on the job is full of first impressions. You may be excited and nervous to jump in and learn the ropes, but you should consider your first day at work to be like an extension of the interview process. To ensure success in a new job, you need to be prepared to present yourself at your best from the moment you walk in the door. Sentech Services will review some important first impression tips so you can be sure your new employer and co-workers are as excited to work with you as you are to work with them.

Arrive Early (But Not Too Early)

Arriving early is a good idea on your first day so that you can take a little time to get acquainted with your new surroundings and work space. It also presents a very prepared and professional appearance in terms of your time management skills. Arrive late on your first day, and co-workers might expect you to make the same mistake in the future, and that is not the kind of impression you want to give at the beginning of your time with a new company. You also don’t want to arrive so early as to be an inconvenience. Time management is integral to a good impression.

Put Away Your Cell Phone

Cell phones, while very common in the workplace these days, are often an unnecessary distraction. While you are on the job, it is respectful and professional to avoid using your personal mobile device as much as possible. On your first day, you should make extra effort to keep your phone on silent (if on at all) and out of sight. Focus your efforts on meeting your new supervisors and co-workers and getting onboard in your new job. This will set a precedent for how you will be perceived by others in your future experiences. Plus, it sends a positive message that you are engaged and excited to be starting this new opportunity.

Respect Office Procedures

No one enjoys the new worker or employee who tries to change office procedures when they first start at a new job. Who refills the water cooler when it’s empty? How long do people converse in the break room? If you don’t want to talk to your manager about those type of interactions with your co-workers, find someone who you can trust (use your best judgment) and don’t be afraid to ask questions. Everyone will respect that you are trying to respect how the office operates on a daily basis.

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