Find Great Candidates at Your Next Job Fair

Job fairs can be hectic and if you are not careful to pay attention, you might very well walk away feeling empty handed. Luckily there are a number of things you can do to attract and retain local talent at these types of events. Read on to find out more.

Presentation is Key

Many job candidates are probably tired of hearing that presentation is one of the most important factors in the employment process, but it’s important to note that employers can benefit from the same advice just as much. In a job fair scenario, employers have very limited time and resources to draw the attention of the often hundreds of individuals who are in attendance. The initial impression a job applicant makes about your company can depend entirely on your marketing material, your recruiter, and your display. Make sure all three components are able to communicate what your company is about quickly and consistently so that you can draw the interest of the sorts of employees that companies are vying for.

Make the Experience Personal

One error many employers make in a job fair setting is to assume their marketing material is enough to communicate what your company is about and what sort of employees you are looking for. People like to do business with other people, not pamphlets. Make sure that your booth is staffed with friendly, professional, and personable recruiters who know the company and the open positions like the back of their hands. Make sure that you have enough coverage for the extended period of the job fair. While one person may be enough to cover the booth during slow times, it is easy for a solo recruiter to become overwhelmed when attendance picks up. Double check the expected attendance with your event coordinator or facilitator. Plan ahead so you have back up during peak hours (the lunch rush in particular can provide a number of high-quality candidates interested in advancing their careers). In a room full of hopeful employers and talented professionals, few applicants will waste their time waiting to talk with a recruiter who is unavailable.

Follow Up with Promising Candidates

You will most likely receive a number of high-quality resumes at a job fair, and before they work their way into a stack of forgotten papers, have your recruiter note their initial impression of the candidates when they spoke with them at the fair. These notes will come in handy when reviewing these resumes at a later time. For those candidates who look especially promising, follow up quickly and directly to ensure their continued interest. In all likelihood, you are not the only company they spoke with at the job fair, and good talent is often brought under contract quickly. Maintaining communication with your chosen few will help keep your foot in the door – even as other companies discuss opportunities with them.

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